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Signatures for Move the NY Islanders to Queens!

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76 BillBurdock This is a no-brainer.
77 ChristopherThompson Queens is the best option for the Isles.
78 mikejones  
79 JohnHagon  
80 DavidSchneider  
81 DanWallace Maybe St Johns Basketball could be co-anchor tenants. This would also be good for any future olympic bid.
82 BrianWagner From a Blues fan. Good luck
83 briano'neill  
84 DuaneTurner  
85 MatthewCocalas This petition puts my emotions into words. I could not have said it better. Besides, with the 7 train so close to Willets Point, the drunk driving on Meadowbrook Parkway and Hempstead Turnpike will take a significant downturn.
86 seanmartin  
87 David BenGudmundsson F**k you Nassau. Make Queens happen!
88 BobLekich Islanders fan from inception of the team. No respect for the team, the fans or Sir Charles from Nassau County. Time to move on. Queens sounds like an excellent choice.
89 billyblazejewicz WE deserve this, this is OUR chance to take it to the next level, LETS GET THIS DONE CHARLES!
90 DanielBoland Move To QUEENS
91 AndreGarabedian The only destination that makes sense is Queens. Nassau had its chance and they dropped the ball twice. Screw them. They deserve to lose the Isles.
92 HeleneMattera  
93 JamesGemmel  
94 kevinfusci anywhere in ny is good with me
95 ShaneSafer  
96 TomU  
97 JeffLevine  
98 PatrickCombs If Wang would move the Islanders to Queens, fans will know they are committed to stay in NYC, and the amount of tickets sold would go up.
99 MaciejZaboklicki Save the Islanders
100 MichaelEsposito I live in Nassau County but Nassau has given their answer to the Islanders. It is time they moved to Queens where they will be respected.