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Signatures for Move the NY Islanders to Queens!

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51 ScottWinters  
52 JackFraser  
53 carsonbremner  
54 TraceyFogerty  
55 RaymondHenry  
56 NickHurst Nassau County does not deserve to keep the Islanders. I know myself and many other Islander fans did everything we could to help to win the referendum, which failed because of the never-ending politics in the county. Move to Queens.
57 JohnO'Donnell NVMC and the Islanders are my favorite things about living in Nassau. But our local politicians and disillusioned residents are leaving us very little choice. THANK YOU CHARLES WANG. For everything.
58 MatthewScanlan  
59 GlebMargolin Nasasu mistreated you and showed you that they don't deserve the franchise, keep it on Long Island but in Queens!
60 DanBuckley Screw Nassau County
61 DevonEdwards Build it now!
62 DanWeiss Enough of Nassau. Time to move on. I live in Suffolk and will drive to Queens. Just keep the Islanders here!!
63 RomeoMartello  
64 BenHedges Dad grew up an Isle fan and this team has way to much history and Nassua isnt cutting it. Let the franchise thrive in Queens.
65 ryanwalter  
66 RaffaelVogelsang Please stay in New York Mr. Wang ;) Greetings from Germany
67 alexdishtank lehgo
68 AlexDaigle  
69 jessefunk Move the isle's to Queens!!!
70 robertgulotta screw Nassau county they have passed on an opportunity of a life time time to pass it on to the next
71 MichaelBurgin  
72 EdSharsky  
73 ZacharyPilson  
74 DenKer  
75 JayPoti I actually think Queens would be a great place for our beloved place. Time for a change Wanger!