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Signatures for Move the NY Islanders to Queens!

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401 TimothyMurphy  
402 AnthonyRizzi Move to Queens, Brooklyn, Westchester, Stay in LI. BUT DON'T DON'T MOVE OUT OF NY!!!!!!
403 JoelKravatz  
404 JohnMcdowd  
405 NisanNun  
406 SaddamHussein Hey um if u move to queens can I hide in ur basement for a couple years, and can u get me sum terrorist porno?
407 JayFrancis Die-hard Rangers fan, but NY hockey wouldnt be the same without the Islanders! Keep the rivalry and move 'em to Queens!
408 DeanSpadavecchia  
409 williamdoherty This franchise CANNOT be moved out of the New York metro area.
410 JaredDugan suburbia to urbia.
411 TomaszPapierz  
412 jaygibbons Please please please move the isles to queens. nassau doesnt deserve them
413 LisaTogami nassau can't afford the islanders and Queens has transportation options and is much better as the team would get more attention.
414 mikeadler Queens would be cool, they could keep much of the current fan base and grow more being closer to NYC and northern suburbs - LI is terrible
415 JimmyWilliams This team is too important to everyone here. Whether they are winning or losing, it has to be on the island.
416 JakeButler This would be a brilliant idea for the Islanders to do.It will also open up their tv market deeper into the state of Connecticut which makes sense to them being their farm team plays in Bridgeport.Also they could have their games on SNY TV which they need
417 AndyHagopian  
418 BlakeLinzer After all the time I've given to this franchise, being going to several games per season and watching the majority of the remaining games on MSG television, it would be an absolute watch the Islanders move.