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Signatures for Move the NY Islanders to Queens!

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376 RobertFitzsimmons  
377 ryanwalter  
378 ChrisTowers  
379 BenG Long term sustaintainability of the team and brand, future opportunities for growth, a professional and preferenced enviroment for the players and prospective players.
380 NickCeglio ThetownofhHempsteadhasreallydraggedtheirfeetonthisandhaveshownnointerestinkeepingourteaminnNassatobehonest,IamfedupwithpoliticianscompleteignoranceofwhattheteammeanstolLongiIsland...thejobsandrevenuewillcostthecountydearly,buttheybroughtthisuponthemselves
381 OlofDanelius  
382 ErnestNavarro Move em to Queensbrdge
383 MatthewBryant Move!
384 NatalieBartos Leave Nassau, GO TO QUEENS!!!!!
385 eddieobregron  
386 BrianWakabayashi I can't believe they're still getting screwed on LI. Move to Queens as it's win win!
387 WaltSnyder  
388 PaulWeiss  
389 BobFoss  
390 EnigmaticIs A Dumbass The Islanders are not going to move to queens. You're all wasting your time.
391 LeonardoDeni Queens is a much better location for a team than Nassau. I feel that almost all Islander fans agree.
392 GregLiodice I've had it with Nassau politicians. Move this team to Queens.
393 BrianHambel  
394 JeffKendal  
395 HFBoardsSucks Dick All of you from HFBoards are retards. Go suck some dick.
396 DesmondZantua  
397 PavleRogic  
398 MaxGabriel  
399 BryceMcAully TOH and Nassau are run by crooks and idiots. Isls are gonzo come 2015.
400 DavidKatz Rangers fan wants Islanders to stay.