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Signatures for Move the NY Islanders to Queens!

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351 SarahSherrier  
352 DuaneGriffith  
353 AthenaK.S.  
354 anthonygiordino Haven't been to an Islanders game in years because of where I live but if they move to Queens, I will finally be able to attend a few.
355 GeorgeS Not that big a hockey fan but if they were to move to Queens I would definitely start watching hockey a little closer than I do now.
356 ArdamanSahota  
358 FrankCascio Please? Long Island just needs to remember what having a winning franchise is like. Do it!
359 TaroTsujimoto  
360 AidanMcNamara  
361 JosephManzello Build s building across from Citifield. Then you'll have your mega sports complex.
362 RolandoAndrade  
363 NelidaAndrade  
364 jaysonwilliams i vote yes to move the islanders to Queens!
365 chrismika Just do something aleady! but keep them in the local new york area.
366 CynthiaVazquez  
367 AnthonyMariani Queens would be a perfect solution
368 MarcDoria The people and politicians of Nassau had their chance and blew it so just get to Queens as fast as you can!
369 BrianEngelmann  
370 bradnardiff vote for queens for islanders
371 DanielCorrigan  
372 JeffLeone Coming to Queens would be a great fit!!!!
373 JamesO'Sullivan Keep them on the Island.
374 yakovsheynin Fantastic idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Let's go Islanders.
375 WillCurley Nassau lost its chance. I would be proud to move the isles to a new home in NY.