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Signatures for Move the NY Islanders to Queens!

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26 BrianLinden  
27 DavidVelazquez we have plenty of places in Suffolk that would be great for the Islanders.
28 IvyJacobsen  
29 NickColletti Please keep the Isles home, thank you. Queens gives us the most exposure and best home possible.
30 BrendanCullen Nassau sucks.
31 vincentvisconti DO IT!!!!!!
32 SteveChong I wanted the Islanders in Queens since 2000 when I saw so many problems regarding the decrepit coliseum and their inability to keep their stars. A move to Queens gives them potential to expand their fan base.
33 ChristianZambito  
34 BryanZambito  
35 PhilGusman  
36 robertZambito  
37 AdamMorse  
38 DonnaZambito  
39 YehudahBlock I grew up in Queens, my family is in Queens and we are all Islanders fans. We have a very strong fanbase. Please move to Queens.
40 KevinCaminske  
41 LloydCaminske  
42 LynnCaminske  
43 MelissaDelano  
44 TallenPelegrin Put the Islands in any part of the NYC metro area that might be interested to have them. No need to be tied to Nassau County.
45 MichaelAbramo Rangers fan who grew up in Queens. Love the area and they deserve a hockey team. Nassau deserves nothing anymore. Also, don't want to lose the rivalry with the Rangers.
46 kevinpapenhausen Needs to happen, Nassua doesnt seem to be a viable option anymore
47 RyderCollins Not an Islanders fan, but it would be absolutely devastating to me if I lost my hockey team. If they are going to get relocated, might as well be close to the original source to lighten the blow of relocation.
48 KristyZambito  
49 KyleC Devils fan supporting the Islanders
50 BrianBock Nassau County no longer deserves to house our storied and historic franchise. Let's take our team, fan base, and tax revenue dollars to Queens! Mass transportation = higher attendance = greater excitement = back to the playoffs!